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How to Promote Your Event with Social Media?

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Social media provides a zero-cost marketing opportunity to promote your event and sell tickets online without turning to event marketing services. It’s an efficient, effective and powerful marketing tool if used properly. Here are 7 easy steps necessary for a successful social media marketing campaign.

1. Set goals

Determine attainable goals and specific result measuring systems (i.e. are you looking to develop awareness of your event or do you want to influence people to attend your event?).

2. Identify your target attendees’ interests

To better identify your target audience you should have a basic idea about your attendees and their interests (i.e.  What do they tweet about?  Which LinkedIn groups are they connected with?   Which blogs are they interested in and comment on?  What are they buzzing about?)  Answering these questions will help you determine which sites and groups to target with your posts, comments and banners.

3. Be selective

The terms “social media” or “new media” are often associated with Facebook and Twitter. However you should not neglect other useful online promotion sources as LinkedIn, YouTube, Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon and others. There is one point you should take into consideration – the more places you hold a presence, the more time you will have to spend. So find out where your potential attendees are, beforehand.  Be targeted and efficient, quantity does not guarantee success.  Being strategic and smart ensures the best outcome!

4. Share the workload

Social media event marketing campaign that is executed by different people does not only save you time, but it also gives your event more credibility. Ask all your friends to tweet and post updates, and to share your links with their friends!

5. Post and repost

To provide your event maximum online presence you need to post, repost and re-repost!  However do not overdo it as it may annoy your online community members enough to where they may simply block or remove you.  Along with your posts, tweets and thanks, be sure to provide relevant online articles and blog posts as well.

6. Connect your community members with each other

The new media is all about making connections and engaging with others, so you need to make the most of it!  Connect with your online community members and give them opportunities to connect with each other. This will build maximum excitement before the event. Get the potential attendees to talk to each other beforehand by posting provocative questions for them to answer, hosting Twitter chats, etc..

Using new media to promote your event is easy and “free”, but to get the maximum result you’ll have to be strategic and allocate enough time and effort into it.

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  • lara says on :

    Nice share! The tips for promoting the events are wonderful. Thanks for the share…

    • Publisher says on :

      Thank you too! :)
      Feel free to visit our blog repeatedly to stay aware of latest event management news.

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