31 Mar
How Event Organizers Are Using the New “Facebook Questions” Feature

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Facebook QuestionsAs an event organizer you’re probably already familiar with Facebook’s success in online event promoting.  Now, you’ll be even more impressed once you start using Facebook Questions!

On March 24, Facebook launched its new Questions feature which is a powerful social tool for getting feedback from your fans.

Here are two reasons why we’re so excited about Facebook Questions:

1.    It’s viral.  Any questions you post have the potential to reach thousands of people beyond your immediate circle of friends and fans.

2.    It provides instant research results on any topic.  You can ask questions revolving around what your event attendees would like to drink during the event, or what events they would like to attend in the future.

To make the most of Facebook Questions, you need to know how to use it. Here is a quick guide to building your own recommendation engine.

1.    Start by switching you account to use Facebook as your page.  Click “Account” in the upper right hand corner of the home page, and then select “Use Facebook as Page.”

2.   Next, go to  http://www.facebook.com/questions and create your first campaign.

3.   Type in your question and add the options you want for your event attendees or fans to choose from.

The power of Facebook Questions depends on the quality of the questions you ask, as well as the choices you offer. If you ask right questions and provide the right options, you’ll be able to get valuable insight and recommendations from fans.

To boost your campaign, allow anyone to add options. This way your event attendees and your fans will not only be able to respond to your questions, but will also have the opportunity to add their own options. This will make you campaign far more productive and the feedback more valuable.

Hopefully you like using Facebook Questions for promoting events online, as much as we at Eventish do!  Eventish is a leading online event  management and ticketing software website that makes publishing, promoting, managing and selling out your event easy and affordable!

Please share your thoughts on how Facebook Questions has helped you!

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