20 Jun
Using LinkedIn for Effective Event Promotion

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Event PromotionSocial Media is one of the effective ways to market your events. Sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are free to use and give you an opportunity to reach a wide network of people.

LinkedIn is becoming very popular as a business orientated social networking site. It is mainly used for professional networking and has more than 60 million users. Now event planners understand the benefits LinkedIn can bring to their event marketing.

LinkedIn allows its members to create and manage groups focused on a range of subjects. Let’s discuss how to create, manage and promote a LinkedIn group where you can discuss topics, learn from others and promote your events.

Create a LinkedIn Group

Creating a LinkedIn Group is easy. Go to ‘Groups’ and click ‘Create a Group’.  Think carefully about how to name your group, considering the keywords that your target audience will search for. Then you should add your logo. Try to keep it simple and clean, but at the same time attractive. Remember to add a short description about your group.

Promote a LinkedIn Group

After creating your group, you should add some members; no one will want to join a group with no members! You may invite colleagues, existing customers and friends to join. Start promoting your group everywhere – on your website, blog and other social media networks.

Also, you may promote your group at your events. Ask the speaker to mention it in the presentations.

Manage a LinkedIn Group

In order to maximize your benefits you should manage your group quite closely. Provide the content on an ongoing basis. In some cases important information can get lost in discussions. To avoid it you can use the ‘featured discussions’ feature. This highlights the important parts of the content, offers or events. This is a great way of event promotion. Open a new thread, give information about the event and then make it a featured discussion. All the members of you group will see it each time they log into the group.

Another way to promote your event is to send announcements to your group members. The emails are sent via LinkedIn and recipients are more likely to trust the LinkedIn name.

Nowadays event managers have all kinds of opportunities to market their events in a cost effective way. LinkedIn and other social media platforms are all part of a modern marketing plan. And the final result will be much more effective if you can combine these marketing methods with online event management services. They can help to reduce your costs and increase your event ROI (return on investment).

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3 Responses to Using LinkedIn for Effective Event Promotion

  • Gail Cavanaugh says on :

    Great article! I have bookmarked it and will use the ideas for my next event.

  • Yi Shun at The Hub says on :

    Great tip. What are your suggestions for after the event? Do you keep it up, or do you keep it open for ongoing discussion? We can think of benefits to either tactic…

  • Jassica says on :

    Thanks for Great post. I really like this article.

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