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Top 6 Tips on Organizing the Greatest Retro Party Ever!

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retro partyIf you ran out of party ideas or just need a fresh theme for your next event, a retro party is what you need!

Yes, “retro party” is always “fresh”, fancy and timely paradoxically due to its old-style attributes and décor.

Actually, fashion world nowadays also goes towards retro style paraphrased into a trendy word “vintage”.

You can throw a retro party for almost every event; let it be a birthday, New Year, Halloween or even a Valentine’s Day!

So let’s see what you need to organize a true retro party with less effort and more fun!

1. Retro party décor

Nothing reflects the message and sense of your event better than venue décor and design attributes. Retro party décor requires just a few old-style staff that you can find in your attic. E.g. a cassette tape player or record player with a collection of vinyl recordings, an old photo camera, 80’s radio or black and white TV set, old table clock, etc. You can spice up the design with retro curtains, your old toys and just anything of that time.

2. Outfit

The next thing that is vital for the success of a retro party is choosing relevant outfit. I bet your mom has saved a couple of skirts and blouses of her youth and maybe even 80’s shoes! If not, just get yourself some colored leggings, a mini skirt with flower prints and a loose short top with a waist belt and you are ready!

3. Hairstyle

Retro party hairstyle is the easiest part of the whole thing. Browse the web for some retro hairstyle ideas, but if you need a quick solution, just mess up your hair as much as you can, put a hairband or a retro ribbon on and that’s it!

4. Music

Choosing the right music for a retro party is crucial for its success. Make sure to have a list of both groovy and romantic songs, not forgetting about worldwide hits of all times. Use an old cassette player to make it more like an 80’s party.

5. Treats

Retro party, unlike retro disco, requires more attention to details and particularly to the treats. Make your guests feel the retro taste with an oldie cake tin full of cupcakes, a bunch of tasty colored lollipops, bags of jelly beans or gums or popcorn and “Always Coca Cola”! And if you can get a cotton candy machine to your party… an ultimate success is guaranteed!

6. Activities

And finally a retro party needs a truly retro entertainment! You can play good old games, such as “truth or dare”, “spin the bottle”, have a darts tournament or play joystick games, like the all-time favorite Super Mario!

Do you already feel the same thrill like I do? Then go ahead and send out invitations for upcoming retro party at your place!

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