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Top Networking Skills You Need to Master for Business Events

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networking skills business eventsBusiness events are a great source of attracting new prospects and advertising your business to as many people as possible. But it’s not that easy to capture attention when you are among hundreds of successful businessmen, knowing that each of them has something to offer. No, it’s not easy for the majority, but only not for you, because today you will learn top networking skills needed to stand out from the crowd and generate interest!

So, business events are all about networking; building relationships, creating new contacts and meeting new people. Business events should be mutually beneficial for interacting members, that’s the point of it. But that requires mastering a bunch of networking skills that will help you deliver you and your business effectively.

If you are a good seller then you have all of the networking skills I am going to talk about, because business events are just another sales platform where you have to outshine your competitors and SELL!

Let me cover some of the most essential networking skills that you need to learn.

1. Be Sociable

The bases of networking skills in general are communication skills. Try to be sociable and make new contacts. Take the initiative and start a conversation to break the ice and be interesting while not forgetting to sell!

2. Be Memorable

Well, this doesn’t mean you should annoy everyone advertising you and your business all around. Definitely, not! Just make them think they ought to know you in person and, what is more important at business events, leave them waiting for your next meeting!

3. Be Flexible

When you have mastered a couple of networking skills and attended a few business events you will automatically learn this skill either. Being flexible means being a good company for anyone! This is probably the greatest and the most difficult of all networking skills, but once you have it, you’re undefeatable.

4. Be Curious

Business events require relevant etiquette but still you can let yourself be curious about certain people and certain topics. Actually being curious means more listening, less talking. This way you are being a better company for your contact.

5. Be in Touch

This is not much of a skill in general, but it is highly considered among networking skills, because if you collect a box of business cards but make no use of them, you can quit attending business events at all. Have a short but effective list of contacts and stay in touch for possible partnership.

So business events are a great source for new opportunities, new business contacts and direct advertising. Master these top networking skills and become a renowned business networker in your area!

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One Response to Top Networking Skills You Need to Master for Business Events

  • Dawn Billings says on :

    I have one more networking skill to add to this article, Be Generous. Connect people to as many resources, new ideas and hearts of one another as possible. It will always come back to you multiplied. Blessings, Dawn Billings CEO and Founder of The Heart Link Network and TROVA Business Network

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