21 Oct
The Power of Special Guests at Grand Opening Events

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Special guests at grand openingsIf you want to turn the launch of your business into a true grand opening, make sure to have some special guests attend your event. Having a local celebrity show up at your grand opening will boost your popularity, generate buzz and drive traffic not only to grand opening but to your business site as well.

First of all you need to do some research and find out which celebrity will be a better buzz-generator for your grand opening. For example, if you are a start up lounge bar somewhere in the center of Manhattan, inviting your high school girlfriend singing in a band in LA is obviously useless. If you don’t have much experience hunting celebrities then you should better hire a professional celebrity wrangler to organize the presence of desired special guests at your event.

Next, you should keep in touch with local press and spread a buzz about the special guests that are visiting your grand opening; even if the reader forgets your brand name, he won’t miss the celebrity’s name visiting your business.

And if you can afford to have some short speech by your special guests, that would be spectacular! A short announcement or welcome note or anything said out loud by a celebrity at your grand opening is a better testimonial for your business than anything else!

Special guests usually arrive later than everyone else, but make sure to have your celebrity show up before your guests get disappointed of not seeing him/her.

And finally, capture every moment of the grand opening, including special guests’ arrival and departure, have a nice portrait with your special guests so that you can hang it somewhere in a visible corner of your venue as a timeless “proof”.

This is actually one of the most expensive promotional tools, but the result doesn’t leave you waiting. The fees per celebrity appearance vary from thousands to hundred thousands of dollars. E.g. Paris Hilton is rumored to have a 100,000 $ fee for showing up at private or corporate events, but actually there are a few “budget-friendly” special guests ready to attend your grand opening for much cheaper, so don’t lose heart! :)

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