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Ideal Garden Wedding: 3 Concerns and 3 Solutions

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Garden weddingA garden wedding is what we all have seen in the movies and probably all wanted for ourselves. It indeed may turn an ordinary ceremony into the fairy tale every girl dreams of. But what if it rains, what if there’s a strong wind, what if it’s too hot, what if… If planning an ordinary wedding is stressful, than you may imagine what it is to plan a garden wedding! But if you want it too bad, there must be a way out of all those concerns…And there surely is!

A garden wedding leaves a huge space for putting up your imagination and creating a true wonderland of your own, so let’s see what you should DO to make it happen and what you must avoid.

#1 Weather

CONCERN- The biggest and scariest concern about a garden wedding is surely weather! The fear of rain and wind, that may blow away all of your beautiful decorations and leave you and your guests all wet and muddy, can easily ruin all of your intentions for a garden wedding.

SOLUTION- In order to be insured of any weather or climate worries, you need to have a back up plane. First, you can organize the ceremony all open air but have a beautifully decorated tent for the dinner party. It will not only save you in all of the “what if” cases but also become a wonderful decoration piece for a garden wedding. Second solution is having a big veranda nearby just in case.

#2 Grounding

CONCERN-It may not rain on your garden wedding day but it doesn’t insure you of getting your feet all wet and muddy in the garden grass, let alone all of those bugs and insects running around.

SOLUTION- You should consider having some kind of grounding for your guests to feel comfortable and safe, at least when dancing. But if your guests are not that scrupulous you can have only a nice grounded dance floor so that you won’t slip and break your neck.

#3 Conveniences

CONCERN-It’s great to get closer to nature and have a garden wedding in an endless green meadow, but where are your guests supposed to wash their hands and the staff?

SOLUTION-This is really something you should consider when organizing open air wedding. Get a couple of portable bathrooms and place them far from the party but near enough to run to when needed. :)

See? When you want something so bad you can find solutions to every arising problem. Anyway, if you feel you need advice or solution for a garden wedding concern not listed above, feel free to let us know via comments or email.

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