07 Nov
Facebook Events as a Part of Your Event Marketing Campaign

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facebook events for event marketingHow to run an event marketing campaign without using Social Media tools?
No how!
Surely online communities have changed marketing entirely and as long as 11% of the world population is using one single site like Facebook you ought to use it too…at least to reach out your prospects! This wonderful invention of a 20 year old student is an obsession for some and a useful tool for others who know how to use it.

Event Marketing

Event marketing is nothing but a way of reaching your potential attendees and driving them to your event, right? You can do it using traditional media or online sources; it doesn’t really matter. But Eventish would advise you using both traditional, offline tools, such as; print ads, TV ads, etc, and online tools, including online event registration, promotion and advertising.

Facebook Events

A part of your online event marketing is surely social media marketing. But having a fan page on Facebook and not using it, is worth nothing. Marketing events through facebook can be more effective using Facebook events feature. Here’s how.

Register your event at Eventish.com, create an individual event page, and then easily export your event to Facebook. You will have the same information about the event already filled in facebook events page and ready to go viral! Now you can invite your friends to the event and have it shared and liked all over the network. Facebook events are a useful compliment to your event marketing campaign and may get you more Facebook “like”s in just a few days.

Using Facebook events together with Eventish is much easier because;

  • Facebook doesn’t support recurring events. Eventish does. So you don’t need to fill the same information every time, just export it to Facebook events!
  • Facebook doesn’t support ticket sales. Eventish does. Just place a link to your Eventish page and sell more tickets!

Try it yourself and let us know if you have another creative idea of using Facebook events for event marketing!

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One Response to Facebook Events as a Part of Your Event Marketing Campaign

  • Nicole Eliza says on :

    I have used Facebook Events before, it has been very effective at getting the name of the event out there. I am not sure how many of the RSVP’d people truly show up to the event, and those who click no if they decide to change their minds.

    I have never heard of Eventish. But with an upcoming fundraiser I might just look at this program. Thank you for the advice!

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