11 Nov
10 Tips on Hosting a Successful Webinar

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webinarIt’s always good to teach what you know best and share your knowledge with as many people as it is possible, but how to share a message to broader audience spread all around the world? A webinar is what you need. A webinar is a seminar, workshop or a meeting presented over the web. You can organize a webinar for your employees, clients, fans, anyone regardless of where they are!

Why should you consider organizing a webinar?

-          It’s cost-effective, since you don’t need to hire a conference hall and provide treats for your attendees.

-          You can host much more attendees from all around the world than in case of a real-time seminar.

-          It generates pre-qualified leads, as people who will attend the webinar are already interested.

-          Webinars help to build your brand and position you as a thought-leader.

What do you need to know about hosting a webinar?

  1. Stay up-to-date! Choose a popular topic which you know well enough to present to your audience and which is definitely important and timely.

  3. Prepare yourself. Do some research regarding your webinar topic, prepare webinar materials, visualize your data to make it more interesting and engaging, prepare yourself for possible questions that may arise.

  5. Send invitations beforehand. In order to gather a big audience, you need to send out invitations about a month before the webinar giving yourself and the audience time to prepare and register for the event.

  7. Consider different time zones. When hosting a webinar you should take care of all your attendees and make it convenient for them to attend the event. Pick an hour that is more or less convenient for the majority of attendees.

  9. Choose the right service. There is a plenty of webinar hosting providers out there, both free and paid, so do a little research and choose the one that has all the necessary tools to support the event.

  11. Determine the format. A webinar can be held in different formats, including one-speaker seminar, interview, two, three-speakers, etc. Make sure to choose a relevant format for your topic.

  13. Test the service. As a webinar host you ought to study the software and feel free using it during the event. You can also have a support team in case something goes wrong.

  15. Allow time for Q&As. Interact with your audience allowing them to ask questions after your speech. It will be more effective for attendees and more successful for the host.

  17. Record your webinar. Why not turn your webinar into a valuable piece of content that you can share on your site or giveaway for Facebook Likes?

  19. Follow up! Make your next webinar even more successful by collecting feedback and keeping in touch with attendees.

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