21 Nov
5 Ways to Use Google Plus for Event Promotion

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Google Plus event promotionIt’s been a long run since Google officially launched its new social networking platform Google Plus, which from our perspective is a new way of sharing useful information and interacting with prospects on a professional level. Make sure to circle Eventish at Google Plus to stay aware of our news and updates!

Today we are going to cover a few powerful features of Google Plus that can be used for event promotion and marketing.

1. Circles

Event promotion can become really easy with Google Plus Circles. Circles are the same friend lists as in Facebook, only more customizable. Have your event attendees grouped in separate circles and inform them of the events they might be interested in.

2. Sparks

One of the strongest features of Google Plus is search integration and Sparks! You can easily search your interests without leaving Google Plus and get tons of useful information in forms of photos, videos and text. So make sure to optimize the content you are sharing on your event page with relevant keywords in order to reach your potential attendees through Sparks.

3. Hangouts

Another great way of event promotion is using Google Plus Hangouts. Hangouts allow you to share your event preparations, interviews, etc online with your fans who didn’t manage to attend the event.

4. Photos, Videos

Sharing photos and videos with your fans is the most effective way of event promotion, because they receive the biggest impressions and feedback. Having an Android device makes sharing pictures and videos on Google Plus even easier.

5. Huddle

An alternative to Facebook group chat is Google Plus Huddle. Using Huddle you can choose a certain circle and interact with fans directly, spread a word about upcoming events and whatever you feel necessary.

Integrating social media into your event promotion is crucial for the success of your events, so make sure to establish your presence at Google Plus as well and share your experience with us via comments!

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