22 Nov
Thanksgiving Day Table Décor Ideas from Eventish

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When the year is headed to its final holiday season, it’s about time to give thanks for the good and the bad that came into your way through the year. And if you also get a day off for that special occasion, you should be thankful even more. :)  Thanksgiving Day, settled between Halloween and Christmas, is pretty much a family holiday, when friends and relatives get together for a special meal.

To help you turn an ordinary Thanksgiving Day meal into a true celebration, today we’re going to cover table décor ideas representing different colors of the fall.

Autumn Sun

Though late November is not a sunny season, you can light up Thanksgiving Day with your own autumn sun creating a wonderful sunny table décor. Main elements of a sunny table décor may be yellow fallen leaves used as napkin decor, or just piled into a beautiful bunch; yellow pumpkins turned into candlesticks; yellow fruits and vegetables of the fall beautifully incorporated into table décor.

Playful Flames

Red-orange color theme brings the warm and gentle fall atmosphere into your home and is a great choice for a family holiday like Thanksgiving Day. To create relevant table décor, you can use small pumpkins, barberry twigs, red and orange candles, fallen leaves of different shades of red and orange, as well as dishes of relevant colors. Take a look these different elements of the reddish table décor to get some inspiration.

Autumn Woods

When talking about colors of the fall, pale green paired with shades of brown is probably the last thing that comes to your mind. This color theme is not much used in event design but looks extraordinarily beautiful weaved into Thanksgiving Day table décor. If you liked the idea you can have your own wooden paradise using a couple of pine cones put together with greenish candles; withering small branches of trees; pale green napkins; acorns and anything you find relevant.

Try one of these table décor ideas on upcoming Thanksgiving Day and share your impressions with us via comments. Make sure to come back again to get exclusive tips and information on this year’s Thanksgiving Day preparations.

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