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3 Magical Christmas Home Décor Trends for 2012

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Even though Christmas itself is only a moment between 24 Dec and 25 Dec, for most of us Christmas celebration starts on the very next day of Thanksgiving with huge sales and shopping craze! You can already see those sparkly Christmas decorations all around the city and I bet you are thrilled to set up your own Christmas home décor!

Every year I promise myself to set up a different Christmas home décor and go beyond the traditional green-red-gold color theme, but end up with the same Christmas tree and décor but with a different dress! : ) If you have the same kind of problem, let’s look for a solution together!

Actually Christmas home décor doesn’t necessarily come with traditional color solutions and even though all of us are associating Christmas and New Year with warm reddish colors, you can weave the holiday spirit into your Christmas home décor with completely different colors. More often people choose colors depending on the Chinese astrology and according to the symbol of the upcoming year. Though it’s not always timely, but today our Christmas home décor color solutions appear to reflect the essence of Yang Water Dragon, which is the symbol of 2012 according to Chinese astrology.

“Golden Rush”

The combination of black and gold brings a touch of modern chic to your Christmas home décor and makes it look utmost sophisticated and elegant. To create this luxurious design you will need a black Christmas tree and lots of golden decorations; black and white plates with golden edgings, as well as similar candle décor.

“Frozen greens”

This color theme of green and silver is not commonly used for Christmas home décor but just take a look at this amazing collaboration of frosty silver and lively green! Make winter and summer meet at Christmas with an evergreen Christmas tree and snowy silver decorations. Another solution is an all-white artificial tree with shining greenish decorations. Either will look great!

“Frosty patterns”

Turquoise as a Christmas home décor color theme? I was surprised and doubtful too, until I saw these marvelous design ideas that reflect the winter frost in cool marine colors yet perfectly maintaining the holiday spirit with shining decoration pieces. Turquoise, sky blue, even violet combined with white and silver create an extraordinarily light Christmas mood and once again emphasize your sense of style.

These three color themes reflect the power and strength of all-mighty Black Water Dragon. Entice him with shiny silver and golden Christmas home décor and welcome him to a marine-colored Christmas party; it won’t come alone, but with luck, prosperity and happiness by its side!

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