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16 Oct
Various Event Promotion Techniques

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Event promotion is not a hard work to do if you know the right techniques to implement in the process. There are nowadays various ways to help promote your event. You can simply use social networks to do that. Usually people crate Facebook fan pages or Twitter accounts for the event promotion. Facebook fan pages and Twitter accounts can surely be considered right techniques for event promotion as they are means for always presenting helpful and useful information, news updates, event-related details, event results and so forth. Blogs are also another important tool for effective event promotion, their advantage is that they are always updated and by the help of meta-tags and key words, they will allow more and more …

18 Feb
6 Striking Methods for Your Networking Event Promotion from Eventish.com

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Networking Event Promotion

Attending small networking events that only have a few attendees is typically a dull and boring experience while the ones with more people tend to be more energetic. For the smaller networking events, you can still establish valuable connections.  However, an event that has a lot of attendees seems more dynamic and gives networkers better options and better possibilities for business connections. Your networking event needs to offer intriguing substance or else no one will want to attend. In case your event has something special to offer, then it comes down to how well you spread the word about it. Here are some proven networking event promotion methods: 1. Social networks This method is highly effective if you are good …